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In School Support:
Program Details:
Each Rugby Sporting Schools program usually runs for somewhere from 3 - 6 weeks. 
Lessons run for 45 - 60 minutes and can be delivered before, during or after school.
Programs can be easily tailored to suit different ages, skill levels, or gender. When booking, please discuss with the coach the specific needs of your school.
School Resources:  Yes
We have:
Schools can purchase a unit of Rugby lesson plans for $200. We also have access to free resources on the Rugby Australia website.
School Program Resource Link
In School Clinic/ Programs available:   YES
Contact: TBC
Club Contact: Please provide the key contact information for teachers/coaches seeking to connect with clubs in their area. This can include a name and contact email, and/or the link to your 'find a club' link on your website:
Community Sport Connections:
Events/Professional Learning:
Rugby Victoria is happy to provide professional learning opportunities for teachers in schools. 
The June 18 ACHPER HPE Secondary Conference.
We also have free professional development opportunities online through Rugby Xplorer: