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In School Support

The Victorian Institute of Sport offers incursions and excursions for schools, with many opportunities being free for Government schools.
Incursions: Schools can book an athlete or expert to speak to their students or attend their awards presentations.
Excursions: Schools can see behind the scenes at the VIS by booking an Advancement Session, or Tour.
School Resources: Yes
We have:
Play On, which is part of Be Fit. Be Well. has an online teacher resource (website).
A Paris 2024 Olympic/Paralympic Resource will be available in Term 2.
School Program Resource Link:
Teachers gain access to this after booking a Play On session.
Paris resource will be downloadable via the website, which is still being created.
In-School Clinic/Program Available:  Yes
Book an athlete visit.  Contact: Amy McMahon, Community Engagement and Events Coordinator, Email: 
Community Sport Connections:   No

Event/Professional Learning:
VIS Open Day will return in October 2024. Information is limited but it will be a free event and is the one day of the year that the VIS is open to the public. 

Amy McMahon
Community Engagement and Events Co-ordinator